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A Toughie Obtained, and a Toughie Lost

Posted by wegryc on October 29, 2008 at 7:11 PM
One day you are just sifting through your eBay saved searches, not expecting anything special, but there, skulking about the links, is a white whale:

I was wondering if I would even see a copy of this card, given a paltry print run of 46.  I knew most of these cards must be in card show dealer boxes, or sitting on a shelf at a card store, the dealer unknowing that a Kevin Dineen card nut was looking intently for this card through the ether of the internet.   It was very satisfying to snag it for a $2.99 BIN.  (Side note: I also picked up a 2001 Bowman Autographs Dustin McGowan baseball card from the same dealer for $3.99.  If McGowan lives up to his potential [and gets past his current injury] I think this purchase could be a great steal).

As big of a victory as it was to pick up the Pacific Premiere date card, I did lose out on two Flyers team set cards.  One is the want-listed 1993-94 Flyers J.C. Penney card, and the other was a heretofore unknown 1995-96 Flyers Ocean Spray team set card.  I lost both auctions for the complete sets of cards.  The first went for around $30 (my snipe was not high enough), and the second for under $20 (I forgot to set a snipe!).  Team set cards do seem to pop up every so often, so hopefully I'll get another chance.

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