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Hey, A New Card!

Posted by wegryc on March 1, 2010 at 8:58 PM

Finally, a new card!  The 1991-92 Swedish Semic Sticker:

A big thank you to Jeff B. for trading me this card (whose front and back is pictured above)!  Jeff is another Kevin Dineen fan, and knows a dealer who can obtain European hockey cards.  Jeff got this card for me, and traded it to me for my extra Pro Set Award Winners Kevin Dineen.  A steep price to be sure, but trading a double for a Dineen card I don't have generally seems like a good deal to me.  Especially if it help out a fellow Kevin Dineen collector.

In case you think this card already was in the Museum, well, you are right.  Kinda.  The Finnish version was also in the museum:

There is also rumored to be a blank backed version (a rumor I have heard from two different sources), but I've never seen it.  If anyone finds one, you know that I would be very interested.

In other news, a Parkhurst Dineen/Liut autograph went for an insane price of $280 on eBay:

All I can say is wow.  I wonder if the winning collector is a Dineen, Liut, and/or Whaler collector.

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