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Posted by wegryc on May 18, 2008 at 7:46 PM
First, I finally got the high grade Kevin Dineen rookie I've been seeking:

One hadn't popped up on eBay for a long time (at least a year), so I was pretty exiting when this one arrived.

When I first started collecting Mr. Dineen, I thought one card would be unattainable:  the 1991-92 Pro Set NHL Sponser Awards card.  As I understand it, these cards were only given to attendees to the NHL awards in 1991.  Thus, most of these guys are not hocking cards on the 'Bay.  And if they are, how would they know there is a crazy Kevin Dineen out there who would pay well over book for this rarity?  And for over a year, I didn't see it.  Finally, I started searching for the set as opposed to just the Dineen.  Since then, three of these sets have come on eBay, going for over $175, and the first going for over $250.  I lost all 3 auctions.  But the last auction was won by someone who wanted just the Brett Hull, and we were able to make a deal.  So, without further ado....

So it's not much to look at (like all the Pro Set cards), and is almost the same as the regular issue from that year, but it took a long time to find it, and I am estatic to finally have it in my collection (so estatic that I will use run-on sentences to express my happiness).

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