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Slowly But Surely.....

Posted by wegryc on June 22, 2008 at 1:42 AM
Three of my biggest wants (PSA 10 RC, the Liut/Dineen dual auto, and the Pro Set Award winners) have been obtained this year.  The remaining toughies seem to me to be the 99-00 Pacific Premiere Date and the Stadium Club First Day Issue (especially the OPC version).  There are others that I feel must be out there but just don't come to market often, like this one:

That's the 1997-98 Katch Silver parallel.  So, to my knowledge, all the KD Katch coins have been obtained for the museum.  Hooray!  The complete collection is coming together, slowly but surely.  Now if I could only track down that 98-99 Pacific Red....

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